Class SkriptConfig


public class SkriptConfig extends Object
Important: don't save values from the config, a '/skript reload config/configs/all' won't work correctly otherwise!
  • Field Details

    • language

      public static final Option<String> language
    • enableEffectCommands

      public static final Option<Boolean> enableEffectCommands
    • effectCommandToken

      public static final Option<String> effectCommandToken
    • allowOpsToUseEffectCommands

      public static final Option<Boolean> allowOpsToUseEffectCommands
    • logPlayerCommands

      @Deprecated public static final Option<Boolean> logPlayerCommands
    • logEffectCommands

      public static final Option<Boolean> logEffectCommands
    • databases

      public static final OptionSection databases
    • usePlayerUUIDsInVariableNames

      public static final Option<Boolean> usePlayerUUIDsInVariableNames
    • enablePlayerVariableFix

      public static final Option<Boolean> enablePlayerVariableFix
    • defaultEventPriority

      public static final Option<org.bukkit.event.EventPriority> defaultEventPriority
    • numberAccuracy

      public static final Option<Integer> numberAccuracy
      Maximum number of digits to display after the period for floats and doubles
    • maxTargetBlockDistance

      public static final Option<Integer> maxTargetBlockDistance
    • caseSensitive

      public static final Option<Boolean> caseSensitive
    • allowFunctionsBeforeDefs

      public static final Option<Boolean> allowFunctionsBeforeDefs
    • disableObjectCannotBeSavedWarnings

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableObjectCannotBeSavedWarnings
    • disableMissingAndOrWarnings

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableMissingAndOrWarnings
    • disableVariableStartingWithExpressionWarnings

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableVariableStartingWithExpressionWarnings
    • enableScriptCaching

      @Deprecated public static final Option<Boolean> enableScriptCaching
    • keepConfigsLoaded

      public static final Option<Boolean> keepConfigsLoaded
    • addonSafetyChecks

      public static final Option<Boolean> addonSafetyChecks
    • apiSoftExceptions

      public static final Option<Boolean> apiSoftExceptions
    • enableTimings

      public static final Option<Boolean> enableTimings
    • caseInsensitiveVariables

      public static final Option<Boolean> caseInsensitiveVariables
    • colorResetCodes

      public static final Option<Boolean> colorResetCodes
    • scriptLoaderThreadSize

      public static final Option<String> scriptLoaderThreadSize
    • allowUnsafePlatforms

      public static final Option<Boolean> allowUnsafePlatforms
    • keepLastUsageDates

      public static final Option<Boolean> keepLastUsageDates
    • loadDefaultAliases

      public static final Option<Boolean> loadDefaultAliases
    • executeFunctionsWithMissingParams

      public static final Option<Boolean> executeFunctionsWithMissingParams
    • disableHookVault

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableHookVault
    • disableHookGriefPrevention

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableHookGriefPrevention
    • disableHookPreciousStones

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableHookPreciousStones
    • disableHookResidence

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableHookResidence
    • disableHookWorldGuard

      public static final Option<Boolean> disableHookWorldGuard
    • playerNameRegexPattern

      public static final Option<Pattern> playerNameRegexPattern
    • longParseTimeWarningThreshold

      public static final Option<Timespan> longParseTimeWarningThreshold
  • Constructor Details

    • SkriptConfig

      public SkriptConfig()
  • Method Details

    • formatDate

      public static String formatDate(long timestamp)
    • getConfig

      public static @Nullable Config getConfig()
      This should only be used in special cases