Class ParserInstance.Data

Direct Known Subclasses:
Section.SectionContext, Structure.StructureData
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public abstract static class ParserInstance.Data extends Object
An abstract class for addons that want to add data bound to a ParserInstance. Extending classes may listen to the events like onCurrentEventsChange(Class[]). It is recommended you make a constructor with a ParserInstance parameter that sends that parser instance upwards in a super call, so you can use ParserInstance.registerData(MyData.class, MyData::new)
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    • getParser

      protected final ParserInstance getParser()
    • onCurrentScriptChange

      @Deprecated public void onCurrentScriptChange(@Nullable Config currentScript)
    • onCurrentEventsChange

      public void onCurrentEventsChange(Class<? extends org.bukkit.event.Event> @Nullable [] currentEvents)