Class BukkitLoggerFilter


public class BukkitLoggerFilter extends Object
REM: Don't even think about supporting CraftBukkit's new logging library "log4j". It's probably the worst piece of shi..oftware I have ever seen used.
  • The interface Logger and its implementation have the same name
  • In general they duplicate existing code from Java (with the same names), but make it worse
  • You can add filters, but it's impossible to remove them
  • It's a miracle that it somehow even logs messages via Java's default logging system, but usually completely ignores it.
  • Because Level is an enum it's not possible to create your own levels, e.g. DEBUG
  • Constructor Details

    • BukkitLoggerFilter

      public BukkitLoggerFilter()
  • Method Details

    • addFilter

      public static void addFilter(Filter f)
      Adds a filter to Bukkit's log.
      f - A filter to filter log messages
    • removeFilter

      public static boolean removeFilter(Filter f)