Class Task

All Implemented Interfaces:
Closeable, Runnable

public abstract class Task extends Object implements Runnable, Closeable
  • Constructor Summary

    Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay)
    Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay, boolean async)
    Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay, long period)
    Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay, long period, boolean async)
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    static <T> @Nullable T
    Equivalent to callSync(c, Skript.getInstance())
    static <T> @Nullable T
    callSync(Callable<T> c, org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin p)
    Calls a method on Bukkit's main thread.
    final void
    Cancels this task.
    Closes this object.
    final boolean
    setNextExecution(long delay)
    Re-schedules the task to run next after the given delay.
    setPeriod(long period)
    Sets the period of this task.

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  • Constructor Details

    • Task

      public Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay, long period)
    • Task

      public Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay, long period, boolean async)
    • Task

      public Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay)
    • Task

      public Task(org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin plugin, long delay, boolean async)
  • Method Details

    • isAlive

      public final boolean isAlive()
      Whether this task is still running, i.e. whether it will run later or is currently running.
    • cancel

      public final void cancel()
      Cancels this task.
    • close

      public void close()
      Description copied from interface: Closeable
      Closes this object. This method may be called multiple times and may or may not have an effect on subsequent calls (e.g. a task might be stopped, but resumed later and stopped again).
      Specified by:
      close in interface Closeable
    • setNextExecution

      public void setNextExecution(long delay)
      Re-schedules the task to run next after the given delay. If this task was repeating it will continue so using the same period as before.
      delay -
    • setPeriod

      public void setPeriod(long period)
      Sets the period of this task. This will re-schedule the task to be run next after the given period if the task is still running.
      period - Period in ticks or -1 to cancel the task and make it non-repeating
    • callSync

      public static <T> @Nullable T callSync(Callable<T> c)
      Equivalent to callSync(c, Skript.getInstance())
    • callSync

      public static <T> @Nullable T callSync(Callable<T> c, org.bukkit.plugin.Plugin p)
      Calls a method on Bukkit's main thread.

      Hint: Use a Callable<Void> to make a task which blocks your current thread until it is completed.

      c - The method
      p - The plugin that owns the task. Must be enabled.
      What the method returned or null if it threw an error or was stopped (usually due to the server shutting down)