Interface Arithmetic<A,R>

Type Parameters:
A - the type of the absolute value
R - the type of the relative value
All Known Implementing Classes:
NumberArithmetic, VectorArithmethic

public interface Arithmetic<A,R>
Represents arithmetic for certain two types. Multiplication, division and power of methods are optional and may throw UnsupportedOperationExceptions.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    add(A value, R difference)
    difference(A first, A second)
    divide(A value, R divider)
    multiply(A value, R multiplier)
    power(A value, R exponent)
    subtract(A value, R difference)
  • Method Details

    • difference

      R difference(A first, A second)
    • add

      A add(A value, R difference)
    • subtract

      A subtract(A value, R difference)
    • multiply

      A multiply(A value, R multiplier)
    • divide

      A divide(A value, R divider)
    • power

      A power(A value, R exponent)