Class Documentation


public class Documentation extends Object
TODO list special expressions for events and event values TODO compare doc in code with changed one of the webserver and warn about differences?
  • Field Details


      public static final boolean FORCE_HOOKS_SYSTEM_PROPERTY
      Force register hooks even if their plugins are not present in the server
    • generate

      public static final boolean generate
  • Constructor Details

    • Documentation

      public Documentation()
  • Method Details

    • isDocsTemplateFound

      public static boolean isDocsTemplateFound()
    • canGenerateUnsafeDocs

      public static boolean canGenerateUnsafeDocs()
      Checks if server java args have 'skript.forceregisterhooks' property set to true and docs template folder is found
    • getDocsTemplateDirectory

      public static File getDocsTemplateDirectory()
    • getDocsOutputDirectory

      public static File getDocsOutputDirectory()
    • generate

      public static void generate()
    • cleanPatterns

      protected static String cleanPatterns(String patterns)
    • cleanPatterns

      protected static String cleanPatterns(String patterns, boolean escapeHTML)
    • escapeHTML

      public static String escapeHTML(@Nullable String value)
    • escapeHTML

      public static String[] escapeHTML(@Nullable String[] values)