Package ch.njol.skript.doc

@NonNullByDefault({PARAMETER,RETURN_TYPE,FIELD}) package ch.njol.skript.doc
Code related to generation a documentation to be published on a website for example.
  • Class
    Provides a description for annotated element in documentation.
    TODO list special expressions for events and event values TODO compare doc in code with changed one of the webserver and warn about differences?
    Sets documentation id for the annotated element.
    Provides a list of examples to be used in documentation for annotated element.
    Template engine, primarily used for generating Skript documentation pages by combining data from annotations and templates.
    Provides a list of keywords that will allow for easier documentation searching.
    Provides the name of annotated element to be used in documentation.
    Annotated element will not appear in documentation, nor will missing documentation about it cause warnings.
    Provides a list of plugins other than Skript that the annotated element requires to be used.
    Provides the version of plugin when was the annotated element added.