Interface SyntaxElement

All Known Subinterfaces:
DefaultExpression<T>, Expression<T>, Literal<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AsyncEffect, AxolotlData, BeeData, BoatChestData, BoatData, CatData, Condition, ContainerExpression, ConvertedExpression, ConvertedLiteral, CreeperData, DroppedItemData, Effect, EffectSection, EffectSectionEffect, EndermanData, EntityData, ExpressionList, FallingBlockData, FishData, FoxData, FrogData, GoatData, LiteralList, LlamaData, MinecartData, MooshroomData, OcelotData, PandaData, ParrotData, PigData, RabbitData, Section, SectionSkriptEvent, SelfRegisteringSkriptEvent, SheepData, SimpleEntityData, SimpleEvent, SimpleExpression, SimpleLiteral, SkriptEvent, Statement, Structure, ThrownPotionData, TropicalFishData, UnparsedLiteral, Variable, VariableString, VillagerData, VisualEffect, WolfData, XpOrbData, ZombieVillagerData

public interface SyntaxElement
Represents a general part of the syntax.
  • Method Details

    • init

      boolean init(Expression<?>[] exprs, int matchedPattern, Kleenean isDelayed, SkriptParser.ParseResult parseResult)
      Called just after the constructor.
      exprs - all %expr%s included in the matching pattern in the order they appear in the pattern. If an optional value was left out it will still be included in this list holding the default value of the desired type which usually depends on the event.
      matchedPattern - The index of the pattern which matched
      isDelayed - Whether this expression is used after a delay or not (i.e. if the event has already passed when this expression will be called)
      parseResult - Additional information about the match.
      Whether this expression was initialised successfully. An error should be printed prior to returning false to specify the cause.
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    • getParser

      default ParserInstance getParser()
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